Our Family

We are the Pascual family from Rexburg, Idaho. Ivan is originally from Cuernavaca, Mexico and Briana is originally from Yakima, Washington. Our son, Alex, was born in August of 2009. Before Alex was born we started thinking about using cloth diapers. After researching them extensively, we recognized that it was the best choice, but were taken aback by the sheer cost of many popular brands who sell their diapers for anywhere from sixteen to twenty dollars each! Thus, the idea of the Bumbrella was born! We set out to find a way to provide inexpensive, quality diapers for families all over the country, and feel that we have done just that! We know that you will love Bumbrella diapers, and hope that you will feel free to send us any comments through the form on the "Contact Us" page. We feel that customer service is very important, and we want to be sure that you're satisfied. We know that you aren't just customers but individuals, and our goal is to treat you as individuals every step of the way, so from our family to yours, enjoy Bumbrella diapers!